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The Joyous Life Music Foundation is a Canadian charitable non-profit organization founded by a group of passionate music lovers and volunteers. Our mission is to raise public awareness and create fundraising events to support advances in disease medical research. On August 19, 2017, we will be hosting our first fundraising concert at the Living Arts Centre, featuring Mississauga Symphony Orchestra and Brass transit.

President: Cynthia Lai

Founder: Joyce Tang

Board of Directors

Advisor: Tom Ng, Simon Chan

Directors: Melanie Leung, Jacky Yung

Treasurers: Peter Yau, Lionel Chow

Media Director: Joanne Chan

Joyous Life Music Foundation (left to right) Melanie Leung, Tom Ng, Cynthia Lai, Joyce Tang, Joanne Chan, Peter Yau, Lionel Chow, Jacky Yung


May 10, 2017 – Press Conference at the Toronto General Hospital (top) Tom Ng, Jacky Yung, Joanne Chan, Joyce Tang, Peter Yau, Melanie Leung, Lionel Chow, Ron Pecchioli (sitting) Cynthia Lai, Doctor Tom Waddell, Denis Mastromonaco, Anthony Cafua





Unexpected Passing of the President of Joyous Life Music Foundation, Cynthia Lai